Mersys and parent Evre Engineering Consulting have completed over 100 projects in the last 35 years.

Mersys successfully carries out distribution activities in Turkey as well as the surrounding region for product groups of some of its select clients in the defense and communications industries. In an effort to help clear the 1 million mines still active in Turkey and millions more in the neighboring countries, Mersys is also the distributor of mine clearance machines of a highly respected international manufacturer.
As the distributor of the products Mersys is involved in activities that include mapping out sales and marketing strategies, building the appropriate sales channels, create regional opportunities and increase brand awareness.
Thanks to its experienced staff, Mersys is also highly capable in technical training and after sales support that can other be costly for its clients.Mersys team not only acts as an intermediary, but actually creates the opportunities before they arise; adding value, all the while serving the interests of its community and clients.

Mersys Represented Brands

Mersys represents and partners with some of the leading brands in their field of operations from the defense, IT and communications industries.